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Adaptive Server Enterprise for Linux

ASE takes performance to new levels for the demanding requirements of transaction-intensive, mission-critical OLTP and decision support applications on Linux.


Analyst Report – Make the Right Database Investment

ASE enables IT departments to improve service levels while reducing hardware footprints and associated costs. ASE on Linux makes better use of system resources than comparable systems and streamlines internal and external processes.   Given the current economic environment, making the right database investment must include a focus on total cost of ownership (TCO).  According to Standish Group, when comparing TCO for Sybase ASE 15 and Oracle 11g, Standish Group found:

  • Sybase ASE had 28% less downtime, resulting in $55,000 yearly savings
  • Overall, Sybase is approximately 9% more cost effective than Oracle
  • To deliver a highly reliable application, with the best total cost of ownership, you must consider Sybase on Lintel

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